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Oh my goodness, I just can't get enough of your wax products!! I love the melts and the candles. You have a talented nose, if that makes sense! That Saffron, so perfect, AMAZING scent...I want more like that!!! Keep being amazing!!


Andrea, I just received my order from your shop and you are so sweet! Even in what I am sure is the toughest time in your life! Again, I am incredibly sorry for your tragic loss, and though we don't know each other you will remain in my thoughts! Thank you so much, everything smells amazing and the gifts are so thoughtful and beautiful ❤️

Shelbi G

Thank you SO much for my order and for working with me. OMGoodness your Hazelnut Coffee wax melts are just THE BEST!! I don't even drink coffee, lol.

I feel bad you sent the samples seperately and had to pay more shipping, but I am a freak for samples, ha ha!!! Love them and I feel it creates a loyal relationship with the customer.


I just got to burn a few while I was home during the weekend but love them. That sample pack you sent with the hearts I’m saving that for when I get back home. Smells so good. Let me know when you have some fall scents I will buy some.

Angela Cook Earles

We got our melts today and already using the pumpkin chai! The house smells amazing! Thank you so much! Will definitely be purchasing more soon!

Bo Hout

I just unpacked my goodies and have the clean cotton candle burning now and OMG it smells soooooo good!

Suzannah Farley

Hey! I just got home & got my package. Thank you so much for the extra goodies!! Everything smells amazing!

So that chocolate fudge sample you sent me smells SOOOO good!

Nikki Ankrom
  • Little Bits

  • Handpoured
  • Macrame Wallhanging

  • Handmade
  • Dream Rose Gold

  • 2 Scents available
  • Dream

  • Handpoured
  • Cloud 9

  • Handpoured
  • Macrame Wristlet Keychain

  • Handmade

Little Bits

Handpoured SHOP

Macrame Wallhanging

Handmade Shop

Dream Rose Gold

2 Scents available SHOP


Handpoured SHOP

Cloud 9

Handpoured SHOP

Macrame Wristlet Keychain

Handmade SHOP